Casey's Good government activism-


Life of the Party

Political committees across NY's 23rd Congressional District are populated by people elected through designating petitions.  If they have no challenger, they are elected without their name ever appearing on the ballot.  One man believes it time to change that. 

W. Casey McDonald has been a 26 year advocate of good government.  His "Life of the Party" campaign is designed to enhance the public's awareness of how political committees work.   This non-partisan effort  does not focus on any issue other than improving the voice of the people in the endorsement process of their individual county political parties.   


Elect Respect

 In 2007, one man held the majority voting power of the entire Republican Committee in Seneca County. He did it through proxy fraud. Proxy is when a person gives away their voting power to someone else. Back then, McDonald  spearheaded the ‘Elect Respect’ campaign where we forced 27 open primaries and won.  Casey wrote a book, produced a 30 minute TV show and  educated the community about the proxy problem and the solution.  

Casey worked with his brother Peter McDonald, (1953-2015) local farmer and bluegrass musician.  Together, they inspired their county to take back the Republican Party.  

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Skylands Project

In 2015, Casey purchased the former Seneca Falls Hospital and converted it to veterans housing.  The facility had a gym, pool table, and gardens on a beautiful lakefront property.

A local law prevented full development of the property.   McDonald fought that law through a series of legal proceedings and lobbying efforts and ultimately got it changed.  He sold Skylands in 2017.

McDonald prevails against County

McDonald ends career of corrupt politician

Republican John Barley placed 28 million dollars of public money into his private businesses.   In 2002, McDonald anonymously created a video to reveal Barley's corruption.  The video was released to the entire House and the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Chair resigned mid-term.   Casey's partner in the project, Ron Harper Jr.  went on to work in opposition research  across the Commonwealth. 

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Keep RCS

In 2013 a  plan was put to voters to shut down Romulus Central School and merge it with our southern neighbor.  The problem was the research showed that mergers many times don't work.  The smaller school usually would  shut down while the larger district did not have long lasting financial benefits.   

At the request of his neighbors, McDonald headed the Keep RCS Campaign.   More people turned out for this election than any other in   our history.   The merger was defeated by nearly a 2 to 1 margin.   

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Culture Warrior

Casey has appeared on over 50 national talk shows defending traditional family values.  Nightline, the Today show and NPR are just a few.   He fought the Children of the Rainbow Curriculum in New York City.  This controversial agenda bypassed parental input as it placed LGBT coloring books into Brooklyn pre-schools in 1993.  

Casey produced a video exposing the strong arm tactics that were disguised as an act of "tolerance".   The  NYC schools chancellor was fired for the  incident.  Casey's family was soon after targeted by fabricated charges of child abuse.  Their case went to the US Supreme Court and ultimately, New York City paid the McDonald family for violating their rights.    Good government activism  is not always pain free.