The Bylaws of the 23rd.

Below are listed the bylaws listed with the NYS Board of Elections for various political committees.  I listed them by party.   

Here's what to look for:

Look for the word "Quorum".   This word means the number of people you need in the room to conduct business.  Yates County Democrats call quorum literally anybody committee member who shows up.  Not a very high standard.  But no committee in the 23rd has a reasonably high standard when it comes to quorum.  

Quorum should require that more than 50% of the elected committee be present to conduct business.  Instead, we see standards far below that.  

There are bylaws that show "50% quorum". But they all allow for proxy. Some of them allow for unlimited or undefined proxy.    "Proxy" means you got elected to a committee seat, but then you gave you voting power to someone else.  Unlimited or undefined limits of proxy means a person can hold virtually the majority of the votes of a committee in his/her back pocket.  Not a good thing.  

Back in 2007, that's just what happened n the Seneca County Republican Committee.  One man had the majority voting power of the whole committee.  He did it through proxy fraud.  Back then, I spearheaded the ‘Elect Respect’ campaign where we forced 27 open primaries and won. It was amazing and very satisfying.  54 of my neighbors volunteered to run against the proxy man's shills.  Winning was not tough.   Only 16% of this committee voted in 2006 primary.   Plus, with election district fraud, many never said hello to the people they supposedly served.            

In the Republican and Democrat parties, there are a few thousand active voters.  They can't find less than 1% to serve on committees and show up to meetings?   Maybe we can change that in 2019 and eliminate proxy voting, election district substitutes and low quorum standards from our local bylaws.  

Then look for election district requirements.  Only Steuben Republicans and Schyler Democrats require it.  The rest allows folks from all across the county to represent you.  At least in Chautaugua County, Democrats have to live in your town/city to represent you.  Still, with thousands of potential voters to choose from, a party could find someone from your election district to serve on committee.  Let's help them do that. And then let's make sure the bylaws are changed.  You agree with me?

8 COUNTY Conservative BYLAWS

A few counties don't have any Conservative party bylaws filed with the State. They all allow unlimited proxy and election district reps to live outside of a specific district.  There are no limits on proxy except in Chautauqua County Exec Committee.   Would you like to see an organized Conservative Committee in your county?  If so, contact me and I'll send you a list of Conservatives in your county  and help you through the process.

8 COUNTY independence BYLAWS

8 out of 11 counties have bylaws for the Independence Party.  They all allow proxy and Election District substitutes.   The member of this party are massive.  Most folks think they have a "blank" party affiliation, but really, when they tell the DMV they are "Independent"  they get enrolled in the "Independence" Party.  If that's your enrollment, consider running for a seat and getting decent bylaws established.    

Minor or "Third" Party fraud


What happens when there are no bylaws?

This is a complicated issue filled with ambiguity.  But read the 2017 Transcript from a Seneca County Court Case.   Very naive people, some who couldn’t write their own name, were persuaded to change their political party, become a ‘Working Families’ committee member and then give their votes away to someone else.   In this case, the person notarizing the designating petitions was the same fellow that once held the majority of Republican Proxy back in 2007.   The games abound in the tiny parties in an effort to trick the public into thinking someone has the broad support of the many, when in fact they are merely supported by shrewd political players who expect something in return.  

Working Families Trial (pdf)


The designating petition process.

February 26th is the first day that designating petitions can be circulated.  Its a bit of a tricky process, so reach out to me and I can talk you through it.  Hopefully I will get a video made, (donations would be helpful) prior to the 26th to help with the process.   Basically, you visit your neighbors from your party, (I'll provide you a list) and get a few signature on the petition.  If no one else has doesn't the same thing, you are automatically elected.   But if more people have filed petitions than there are seats to fill, we have an open primary.  That's when the "Life of the Party" issues of eliminating proxy, ending election district substitutes  and higher quorum standards can be raised.  

I've also included the official calendar for the 2019 election season.  Along with a link to election law.

I sincerely appreciate you working through this website to this point.  

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hear real stories from my 26 years of working for good government.   

Elections, especially for political committees, should not be taken for granted.  

Sitting on the sidelines only works for so long, but then, through a little, 

well organized effort, we can regain increased confidence that the system does work.   

Thank you!!  -Casey

2019PoliticalCalendar (pdf)


DesignatingPetitionNoLines (pdf)