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Cox will have a challenger for NYS GOP Chair


While filing his designating petitions for the NY State Republican Party Committee, political activist and real estate developer, W. Casey McDonald, announced his run for Chairperson.

“Under our current leadership, the GOP lost too many races statewide to ignore. We need someone new at the helm,” said McDonald. “Both state and federal districts that President Trump easily won in 2016 were lost in 2018. That’s like losing a hundred-yard dash with a 15-yard head start.” 

McDonald believes that the NYSGOP is not listening to the Republican base. “They have presented too many road blocks to President Trump’s MAGA Agenda. Under the watchful eye of Chairman Cox, 5 house reps from NY led the charge to frustrate Trump in the 115th Congress,” McDonald contends. “The Problem Solvers Caucus, headed by Tom Reed of the 23rd, organized, funded and mobilized 24 Republicans to vote for permissive socialism. PS rendered the GOP majority irrelevant in dozens of votes while advancing big government and LGBT initiatives. Cox should have reigned in these five under threat of primary, but he did nothing and lost two house seats in the process. Under my leadership, that will change.”   

“Political committees are the leash that trains the dog of government. When that dog starts doing whatever he wants, it’s the committee’s job to tug that leash. Otherwise the dog does his business all over the house and across the aisle while we lose the trust of our base,” says McDonald. 

McDonald welcomes a public debate with Mr. Cox. “Every politician should welcome debate. It’s a great way to tout your accomplishments while getting free press,” he states. “Let’s give the 2.8 million Republicans across the state some hope that when Cuomo says we are not welcome here, we have an effective response. The days of automatic ascension to leadership needs to end. Rigorous, public debate in both the county and state committees is needed before committees reorganize after the June 25th primary and choose leadership. We have to stand for something if we expect the people to stand with us.”   

McDonald can be contacted through his website,


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Conservative Party Fraud in Seneca County

“The Conservative Party of Seneca County is 85% bogus,” says W. Casey McDonald from

Romulus. “Out of 54 potential committee members, there are 22 seats filled. Only 8 voted last

year. 5 never vote. One is a registered Republican and one is not registered at all.”

The Romulus real estate developer is no stranger to advocating for good government. In 2007,

his “Elect Respect” effort identified proxy voting fraud in the Seneca County Republican Party.

Now he is focusing on all parties in his “Life of the Party” campaign.

“I am recruiting people who actually vote to run for committee seats,” he states. “I am also

actively seeking the resignation of people who are not even aware they are on committees.”

McDonald claims he has the resignation of two such people who were signed up to be

Conservative Party Committee members without their knowledge. They claimed “Angelo”

signed them up, according to McDonald.

Angelo Bianchi was the former Republican Party chairman that was targeted by Elect Respect in

2007. He plead guilty to election law violations back then. “He’s still at it,” claims McDonald.

“Its sad and disgusting to see naïve people manipulated in a scheme to fool the public into

thinking these political parties are something they are not.”

McDonald, a Republican, has found people to run for the Republican, Democratic, Conservative

and Independence parties. He believes all the bylaws of these parties can be improved to end

proxy voting and raise quorum standards.

New York State only requires 3% of the registered party members to sign a designating petition

for someone to serve on a political committee. For the Conservative Party, that means one

signature often is enough to get a person elected.

He points out that the only time to correct corruption on the committee level is during the

designating petition season which ends April 4 th . Casey invites people to go to his website, to learn more.

“If you have 1 to 2 hours a month to volunteer to serve on your political committee, reach out to

me,” he states. “As a notary, I can witness signatures to help get you on the committee of your

party. Then, hopefully we can have vastly improved discussions in all parties as they evaluate

candidates seeking support. My goal is to have good people with good information take good

action for good government.”



"Life of the Party" campaign launched in 23rd Congressional

  “The most important political race is the one you never hear about”, says Romulus Real Estate Developer, W. Casey McDonald. “That’s because the vast number of people who serve on local political committees are elected through a designating petition. And if they have no challenger, they are automatically on that committee. Their names never appear on the ballot.”

McDonald believes open primaries, (where neighbors vote for the people on party committee seats), improves government. “In 2007, one man held the majority voting power of the entire Republican Committee in Seneca County. He did it through proxy fraud.” McDonald explains, “Proxy is when a person gives away their voting power to someone else. Back then, I spearheaded the ‘Elect Respect’ campaign where we forced 27 open primaries and won. It was amazing.”  

Casey recently contacted the NYS Board of Elections to analyze political party bylaws from every party in the 23rd. “They all need fundamental improvement,” he contends. “95% allow reps to live outside the election district they serve. 92% allow proxy voting. Plus quorum, the amount of people needed for a committee to transact business, is usually less than 25%. Many, through proxy, are technically as low as one-member quorums. The problem is endorsement fraud. There are too many ways for the few to control the good intentions of the many.” 

McDonald points out that in 2017, fraud in a county race was challenged. “Very naïve people, some who couldn’t write their own name, were persuaded to change their political party, become a ‘Working Families’ committee member and then give their votes away to someone else”, he stated. “Let’s raise proxy, quorum and election district standards.”

Governor Cuomo recently announced consolidating the State and Federal Primaries to one day. This year that primary is June 25th. The designating petition season begins February 26th with filing deadlines of April 1st.  

McDonald invites everyone to visit, to get more information about the process. “It’s about having the courage to evaluate well documented information, the character to act on that knowledge, and the capacity to devote 2 hours a month to talk to our neighbors and attend meetings. Good government is built on the foundation of active, informed volunteers doing our part to enhance political integrity.” 

Media contact: W. Casey McDonald.  315*521*9528 PO Box 1 Romulus, NY 14541.