LAST UPDATE April  23rd, 2019: 

"The most important election is the one you never hear about."  -W. Casey McDonald


He knocked 90 days off our local elections calendar.  That was BAD for DEMOCRACY.  But he can fix it.  Write him and tell you how you feel about an OPEN PRIMARY IN 2019. 

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Want to improve local political committees?

95% allows reps to live outside the election district they serve. 92% allow proxy voting where someone's voting power is given to someone else. Plus quorum, the amount of people needed for a committee to transact business, is usually less than 25%. Many, through proxy, are technically as low as one-member quorums. The problem is endorsement fraud. There are too many ways for the few to control the good intentions of the many. 

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All politics is local. Say hello!

 Tell me your name,  phone  and address and I'll send details about your election district.  Then decide if you have 2 hours a months to volunteer to help improve local politics.  Together, we can make a difference across all party lines.    


Learn about Volunteer Activism

This is not about Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Green.  Its about improving bylaws that currently allow the potential of a very few people to manipulate the good will of thousands.       

Learn about:

  •  Your local political party's bylaws.
  • Key vocabulary to help us understand politics.
  • The election process.  
  • Time commitments as a committee member.  


See press releases the moment they are public.

The issues surrounding good government begins with good local political committees.  But it doesn't end there.  How can our local and state Board of Elections be improved to help make government accountability easier in the 23rd?  Are endorsement standards reasonable?  Has your party committee member ever talked to you?  Do they live across the county from you and then give their voting power to someone else?  Get the latest news and the research that confirms areas for improvement.   


Learn more about Casey.

Romulus, NY real estate developer, W. Casey McDonald has been an advocate for good government for more than 26 years.  Learn about his many past successes and why this effort to improve local committees  of the 23rd is very much needed and possible.


Money helps.

If you can't volunteer, a small donation can help contribute to our efforts.  Web design, video production, travel, and incidental costs do add up.  

Any contribution you can make encourage us all and helps achieve a good objective.  

The Goal: 

Accountable, representational local political committees in NY's 23rd Congressional.    

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